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How To Relieve Severe Back Pain During Pregnancy

Effective ways to Get Relief from Back Pain during Pregnancy
Effective ways to Get Relief from Back Pain during Pregnancy

Lower back pain is very common during pregnancy due to the various physical changes that occur inside the body of a pregnant lady. Added weight means the back has to bear huge load, especially if a woman is already very heavy. There can be many changes occurring in the female’s center of gravity. Some of the common changes are poor posture, pelvic changes, stress and loose joints. These changes are the major reasons behind the pain & discomfort in the body of pregnant women.

Some of the best options to cure these changes are:

  1. Exercise regularly– Regular exercise will allow the back to relax, stretch and to stimulate the blood circulation. Exercise is effective especially for those women whose back pain normally caused due to stress. Daily exercise can help the body to get prepared for the childbirth.
  2. Wear comfortable and flat shoes-The major causes behind back pain are poor posture and standing for extended hours. So always make sure to wear proper and comfortable shoes. The swelling in the foot due to high-heeled shoes can increase of blood flow and fluids inside the body.
  3. Avoid sleeping with the support of your back– Sleeping on the support of your back can put unnatural pressure on the spine. Sleeping on your sides will take that pressure from your back. It is advisable to place a cushion or pillow between your both the knees to give body extra support while you are sleeping.
  4. Pay attention to your posture-Poor posture is another leading cause behind the problem of back pain. During pregnancy, women normally get prone to the poor posture due to their extra weight caused because of pregnancy.
  5. Massage therapy-Massage therapy is essential for pregnant women and that is the reason that its demand is increasing day by day. A qualified therapist knows well how to position the women’s growing body carefully for the massage. The therapist will utilize his special techniques in order to reduce swelling, back pain and stress.

The pregnant women are advised to consult their gynecologist in time because they can properly assist you in knowing what to do or what not to do.

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