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Muscle Pain and Spasms

How to Treat this Repetitive Stress Injury

Muscle Pain and Spasms
Muscle Pain and Spasms- How to Treat this Repetitive Stress Injury

A muscle cramp or spasm refers to the uncontrolled and instant tightening of a muscle which causes sharp pain in the affected area. It occurs suddenly and resolves in a short period of time but the force of the pain generally becomes severer and creates discomforts in the body. Muscle spasm is completely different from muscle twitch as the latter reaction causes sudden muscle movement resulting in severe pain. Chronic muscle cramps or spasms can be a quite painful experience as it persists for quite a few days.

Chronic Muscle Spasm- Causes

Medical studies claim that the occurrence of spasm in muscles is associated with the deficiency of electrolytes which are responsible for apt coordination and interaction of the muscles in the body. Lack of adequate circulation of oxygen, water and vital nutrients lead to irritation in muscles that further results in spasms or cramps.

  • Dystonia– dystonia is considered as movement disorder, wherein specific group of muscles contract with each other at a time, leading to cramps or spasms. This movement disorder can be treated.
  • Muscle Overuse– overstretches or overuse of muscles is very common cause of muscle spasm. Hence it occurs frequently on back and neck and hands etc.
  • Blood Vessel Blockage– blockage or narrowing of blood vessels can lead to muscle spasms as well but it generally causes spasms in specific area of the body.
  • Prolonged Stressing– stress can play a major role in the occurrence of muscle spasm. Muscle fatigue is common symptom behind this reason.
  • Nerve Disorder– because nerve disorder is related to chronic spasm hence if a person who has multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury, often suffers from chronic muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Systemic Illness– people who have blood sugar problems, diabetes, hormonal disorder and kidney failure frequently experience spasms and cramps in their muscles.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Muscle Spasms

Diagnosis is done on the basis of sufferer’s workout type, medical history, current medication, food supplement (if any). Doctor often prescribes muscle relaxer drugs to provide instant relief.

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