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Is it possible to Treat Back Pain without Drugs?

Treat Back pain

Is it possible to Treat Back Pain without Drugs?
Is it possible to Treat Back Pain without Drugs?

Several people suffer from the problem of back pain, whether chronic or minor. They become so much used to it that they finally learn how to live with this problem. In the recent years, researchers are putting hard efforts in finding out the basis behind back pain.

It has been estimated that around 36 million people across the world go for anti-inflammatory drugs for backache and headache. Twenty-five percent are those people who are taking the dosage of these drugs excessively. There is no doubt that these anti-inflammatory drugs are beneficial in curing the pain effects, but it also contains high risks that include gastrointestinal complications. Gastrointestinal problems can result in some dreadful and serious diseases such as stomach pain, hemorrhage and ulcers.

In order to avoid the usage of drugs, there are numbers of methods available these days. These methods have worked very well for various sufferers. So let’s talk about these methods:

Stimulation of the Blood Circulation -The treatment for back pain involves the usage of cold packs or hot packs to cool or heat the skin respectively. This treatment can enhance the circulation of blood and relieve the pain also. It is advisable to perform this method along with the exercise.

Electrical Nerve Stimulation -This is one of the attempts to lower down the level of pain by stimulating the back points with the help of low-voltage electricity. The role of electricity is to interact with the sensory nervous system. This electrical stimulation helps in treating the back pain in the positive way.

Manual Techniques -There are various manual techniques also to manipulate the affected areas. This technique includes massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, osteopathy and many other techniques. A number of evidences have shown the effectivity of this procedure.

Exercise –Exercise is very significant for cardiovascular, musculoskeletal health and disc nutrition. It involves the exertion of the body to improve and train the physical functions. There are lots of exercises, which help to manage the problem of back pain, for example aerobic exercises, water therapy, flexion exercises, etc.

Aforementioned are some of the best solutions to treat back pain without using drugs. So try that and see the results yourself.

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