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How To Reduce Back Pain – Home Remedies

Relieve Your Back Pain with Tried and Tested Home Remedies

Relieve Your Back Pain with Tried and Tested Home Remedies

There can be many reasons behind back pain such as injury to the bones, muscles, wearing of high heels, overweight etc. It can be chronic if it lasts for more than 3 months.

Given below are some tips that will help you in back pain.

  • Massage is an effective method to release back pain, widely used by the patients. Daily gentle massage on the injured area for 15 minutes can give you relief from pain. Chinese medicated wine to help with massage is suggested as it works effectively in back pain.
  • Doctors advise to put pillow under your knees while sleeping or lying.
  • Place the hot towel on your back and change it after every 5 minutes to provide constant temperature to your back. On the other hand, you can rub your back with hot towel to release muscles stiffness. Method of rubbing should be right. Zigzag rubbing can make you feel more uncomfortable.
  • Use ice pack on injury or back strain to decrease inflammation.
  • If you are suffering from continuous back pain then you can do some exercises. Such as squatting and bending to increase functional ability. Proper ways of exercises may help you in back pain.
  • Boil a piece of ginger in water for 20 minutes and mix some honey. Cool it off and then drink. It contains aspirin effect.
  • Eat healthy foods rich in fiber.
  • Sit in a tub of lukewarm salty water for 30 minutes. Salt reduces the swelling and relieves pain.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weight.
  • Tie one cup of raw rice in a cloth, heat this pack in microwave for 30 seconds. Apply it on your back-this will help you to reduce pain.
  • Take small breaks during sitting for long time.
  • Apply warm coconut oil with camphor on affected area.

All the above points will help you to reduce back pain.

How To Remove Back Pain – Watch Video

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