Freedom from Diaper Rashes – Take Care of your Baby!!

What irks me the most is the constant cries of babies….. seriously.. babies who cry and wont smile are the babies I generally stay away from! But then those pretty little bundle of joys are so irresistible… that I would love to do whatever it takes to bring back the smile… even if its a nasty nappy rash that wont go!

Don’t get disappointed, that its your carelessness that caused your baby those rashes… its summer… and nothing is spared from the itching ladies!! It happens because of certain reasons that are needed to take care of, and summer heat may not be the only cause. Before getting into its causes, first understand what it is exactly.

What’s this Nappy Rash?

In new motherhood, intense lines on the forehead can be seen when new mothers see rashes on the skin of their darling babies. Yup, it is sad and unacceptable for moms to bear that red scaly irritated skin. Oh God!!! Something is needed to be done to bring back the wonderful giggles on their child face. It’s important to get rid of those small red patches in the diaper covered areas commonly known as Nappy Rashes.

What Causes Diaper Rashes that Make your Baby Cry?

Although mothers are considered to be the best caretakers of children yet something as irritating as nappy rashes occur in spite of the care and caution. If you are a mom, it is suggested to you to know the various causes of this trouble so that you can help your child escape from this problem.

  • Prolonged activities in soiled diapers
  • Ill-fitting nappy, generally applied tightly that rubs against child’s skin
  • Unsuitable baby wipes or diaper material causes adverse reaction
  • Sometimes, some lotion and soaps do not suit your child and result in rashes
  • Reaction to peculiar medications

Effects of Nappy Rashes

It has been observed that a child becomes fussy and cries when he/she goes through this trouble. At first it appears unmanageable for mothers to console and relieve their darling from it. However, such diaper irritations are normal to happen, yet they are frustrating.

You will easily recognize rashes on the skin by looking at your child – the skin turns red, scaly and some irritating yellow creamy spots and patches grabs it.

Treat Rash Symptoms Giving a Smile to Your Toddler

Your baby is smart and will take cue from the people around him/her. Do not reflect your sadness to your child as it will take longer for him/her to resolve the nappy rash. Other preventive measures that can be taken by women in new motherhood are as follows:

  • Prevent chafing by putting loose nappies
  • Avoid applying nappy on wet skin
  • Cleanse babies body with warm water
  • Use only mild cleansing materials
  • Pat baby’s bottom to dry after bath

Better understand that these valuable months with the baby would not last. Your loving kid will be out from his potty training and nappies before you both – mom and dad – realize it! So, carry a positive attitude creating fonder memories with your baby.

Home Remedies to get rid of nappy rashes-

  • Apply aloevera gel on your baby’s bum.. it really does work
  • You can also use coconut oil.
  • make use of baby powder to keep the area dry.
  • Use good quality nappies for better protection.
  • And please.. do keep changing the nappies after every 3-4 hours!!

Take these precautions and use the remedies… I am sure your baby will get back its enchanting smile quite soon.

Have a happy motherhood dearies!

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