How To Make Your Skin Glimmer

Skin is one of the five sense organs of our body. This sense organs needs utmost care with regard to beauty. We all know that it is an external sense organ which remain exposed to the environment all the time. So, it is prone to sunlight, dust particles, microorganism and pollution. If we do not take care of our skin, then it is at risk at losing its glimmer.  If you have lost glimmer of your skin, then you do not need to brood over this any longer issue since there is solution to this problem. For this, you need not read a volume of books. There are just a few steps that you need to follow:

Your first steps involves taking decision about what type of skin nature has gifted to you. This is the most important thing for you. Only after knowing the type of skin you can take care of your skin and choose the products accordingly. Basically, there are three types of skin – oily, dry and combination.

Oily Skin has over reactive oil secreting glands, which make your face shimmering. The pores of this type of skin are puffy. Such type of skin needs thorough cleansing to let the pores remain unclogged.

Dry skin does not yield sufficient sebum or oil. As a result, the skin remains flaky, drawn and tight. It also does not have elasticity and is highly susceptible to cold temperatures, wind and sunlight.

Combination skin have both some oily skin and either dry or normal skin.

Your second steps involves developing a good daily skincare regimen.  Usually, there are three steps involved in daily skincare regiment – cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Cleansing helps you to remove makeup, bacteria, oil and any dirt.

Toning involves three things. The first thing is that it eliminates anything which your cleanser failed to take care of it. The second thing is that it retains the pH level of your skin and lets your skin receive the moisturizer.

Moisturizing works as a barrier between your environment and skin. Remember that even oily skins also need moisturizer. So, you need to choose a light product. It is advisable to apply moisturize at once after applying toner. It hardly matters what type of skin you have. Moisturizing is suitable for any type of skin.

Your third step involves choosing suitable skincare products according to your skin type. For this, you need to consult your beauty specialist, who will give you advice about the best products that you need to use for your skin.

Your fourth step involves adoption of good lifestyle. Your lifestyle affects your health and your skin. For this, you need to chew on the following tips:

Do not stay in sun for a long time. Exposure to sun can lead to many skin diseases.  In order to mitigate the effect of sun, you can apply sun cream on your skin.

We all know that smoking is harmful to our health. So, your skin is no such exception. Avoid smoking to prevent your skin from becoming dull.

However tired you may be, spare your precious time to take sufficient rest and adopt right pattern of eating. Eat those vegetables and fruits, which have vitamins C and E.

Keep your both environmental and emotional stress at bay.

Do not wash your face intermittently. Remember that the more you traumatize your skin, the greater risk of losing sheen of your face. Just apply treatment products on your skin and let them work.

At last, do exercises on regular basis. Exercises improves capillary functioning which prevents premature aging and make you look younger than your age.

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